Discovery Partners with South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition to Clean up Guadalupe River

Classes had a variety of activities planned. The students, teachers, and parents picked up trash along the riverbed, and identified plants near the river using  iNaturalist. 
"I can't believe all the trash we picked up, I saw McDonalds cups and Starbucks cups."  - Cruz M. 2nd grade
"We need to help pick up more trash so it doesn't end up down here!" (in the Guadalupe River)  - Haven W. 3rd grade
The students explored the river for food that could keep a trout alive using nets, buckets, and shovels to gather mud and critters to identify citters to determine if the river environment could sustain trout. Gathered up in their search were crawdads, clams, water snails, worms, and many other critters that could indeed feed and sustain a small trout population.
Other wildlife sighting included geese, a white crane, and many birds in the area.
"A trout really can live in the river, it has almost all the food it needs, but it's (the river) kind of dirty." Brayden H. 3rd grade
"Best field trip ever! I didn't know that trout could live in the river right by my house!"  - Jessica T. 2nd grade
Discovery would like to thank our contact Mr. Stuart Richardson of SBCCC . He was very helpful, informative and knowledgeable about the river and provided a very well rounded program for the students.