Core Values - The Discovery Experience

The DCS experience can be recognized by these elements:


       Develop growth mindset, valuing effort over intelligence

       Have a positive experience

       Know how they learn best

       Are involved in decision making

       Are engaged in their school and community

       Become resilient to failure

       Exhibit confidence, empathy and humility

       Have a voice in leadership and school culture


       Are trained and engaged in the Discovery philosophy and practices

       Are empowered in and out of the classroom to interact with students, to present ideas and offer their talents

       Meet their commitments in the classroom and school-wide

       Read communications

       Participate in events


       Have regular class meetings to deal with conflict, based on positive discipline approaches. Meetings might also focus on topics like thinking maps, writers workshop or other topics relevant to what students are learning in the classroom

       Have posted class agreements regarding behavior to reference

       Have relevant and limited homework

       Use communal supplies

       Meet a variety of learning levels

       Take up to 10 field trips each year, which are connected to classroom learning

       Support collaborative environments with tables or groups of desks

       Promote hands on learning

       Encourage student discussions

       Pursue student interests

       Respect student input


       Integrate extended learning into core curriculum

       Enable small groups

       Empower parent support

       Present thematic units

       Collaborate across grade level

       Provide narrative assessments

       Model good behavior

       Use parents delivering some lessons to support hands on learning

       Apply consistent discipline across all classrooms

       Communicate effectively with parents

       Participate in professional development

       Have a voice in leadership and school culture

       Advocate for the Discovery mission and philosophy


       Community is built through shared resources and talents by teachers and parents.

       Familiarity is built through events (class, grade, school) and education (training, lectures).

       Curriculum meets and exceeds state standards.

       Teaching values depth of understanding. 

       Critical thinking and problem solving are emphasized.

       Life skills are incorporated.

       Community participates in annual fundraising.

       School is a place where students are listened to and are physically            and emotionally safe.