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About Our Schools

About Our Schools
Discovery Charter Schools are transitional kindergarten through eighth-grade schools based on developmentally appropriate teaching methods that successfully integrate the whole child with respect to individual learning styles, developmental readiness, and rates of achievement.
Multi-age classrooms, small class sizes, team teaching, a high level of parent participation, and community involvement greatly contribute to developing Discovery Charter Schools into a world-class learning community.
We have built an educational environment where developing student achievement, building innovative programs, and engaging families and communities provide a common vision for lifelong learning and student success.
The Discovery Charter School staff, parents, and community collaborate to meet the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs of every child. Our teachers and staff are committed to achieving the school's mission.
The first Discovery Charter School (Phoenix Campus) was launched in the fall of 2006 in the Moreland school district. The school is located at 4021 Teale Ave, San Jose, CA 95117.
Based on strong demand, a second school (the Falcon Campus) was opened in the fall of 2013 in the San Jose Unified school district. The school is located at 762 Sunset Glen Drive, San Jose, CA 95123.