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Family and Community

Family and Community
At Discovery, the word "community" describes more than a group of families whose children happen to attend the same school. Discovery parents share a common vision that includes lifelong learning and the importance of every parent's involvement in the school.
Families chose Discovery Charter School in part because of the strength that this commitment brings to its diverse community. Discovery's staff designs its curriculum around the partnership of teachers and parents. Teacher-led training helps parent volunteers to increase their understanding of teaching methodology and small group management skills.
Under the direction of the teacher, parents become valuable aides in the classroom. Discovery students complete the community. Discovery families have chosen the school because of a mutual commitment to the dynamic educational environment that it offers.
Family Involvement
Parent volunteering at Discovery Charter Schools is vital to the success of a program based on small group developmental instruction. Such a program's effectiveness is dependent on the commitment of every family to the philosophy of the school. Specialized school programs are a choice in education.
Each family makes a decision to enroll their child based on an understanding and belief in the philosophy of the school and careful consideration of the family commitment to volunteer to help implement the Discovery program.
Parents represent a wealth of skills, interests, talents, and resources that add to the breadth and depth of students' learning. Discovery has created a culture of parent volunteerism with high expectations of our students' families, just as we want them to hold the school's professional staff to the highest expectations. We believe this formula of high expectations of all members of the learning community is crucial to the success of each student entrusted to our school.
The benefits of parent volunteers are numerous. Parents helping side-by-side with teachers fosters mutual understanding and respect, which leads to more positive home-to-school relationships. Teachers act as role models in every aspect of teaching.
Children see their parents at school, aiding in the classroom, at lunch, on field trips, and on the playground, and without a word being spoken they know that being at school is a valuable place to be. The effect is like a pebble dropped in water, the ripples spread out indefinitely.
Community Involvement
The children that are in school today represent our future. They are the doctors, mechanics, pharmacists, stockbrokers, grocery clerks, mothers, fathers, and nursing home aides. Not one person, whether they have children or not, will be unaffected by this generation of children's education.
The choices today's generation make as adults will set the course for future generations. Partnerships between the business community and school can play a vital role in the education of our youth.
Our goal is to broaden the scope of learning opportunities for our students by creating a bridge between the private sector and the classroom to become a direct link to students. Discovery Charter School is committed to building long-range partnerships throughout the community.
By providing volunteers, funding, and other resources, businesses and community organizations can make a meaningful difference in the lives of each and every student. Discovery Charter Schools seek to equip children so that they have the tools to prepare them for the challenges of becoming an adult in a rapidly changing world.
Community partnerships with local businesses and organizations enable the school to teach using working models of the real world. Students gain a better understanding of the business world and the extent and depth of skills and education needed to work and live as responsible adults. Community partners provide the unique perspective and resources that allow us to be successful in achieving our purpose.