Admissions Process


Thank you for your interest in admissions at Discovery Charter Schools!  

Enrollment is currently closed for the current school year (2020-2021).

Fall 2021 Applications are available now

Fall 2021 Open Enrollment is December 1, 2020 - February 26, 2021

Thank you for your interest in Discovery Charter Schools.  If you wish to apply to our schools, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Apply online - one application per child, per school.
  2. New families will need to attend an Information Meeting and an Open House for each campus they are applying for.  For instance, if applying to both Phoenix and Falcon campuses, you will need to fill out separate applications for each school, attend the Information Meeting, plus attend one Open House at each campus.  
  3. Submit supplemental information as listed in the online application ASAP, but no later than February 26, 2021.
  4. The administration will verify applicant information, including residency, and meeting attendance as necessary.
  5. Detailed lottery information will be given to families at least one week prior to the Admissions Lottery. Please keep your Family ID in a safe place as it is the number used to identify your waitlist position.
  6. Admission Lottery will be held for each school on March 17, 2021. Then waitlists will be created and posted to the website.
  7. Offer letters will be sent out as space becomes available.
  8. Parents will accept or decline the offer by following the instructions in the Offer Letter.


Please note: Submission of an application does not guarantee enrollment.  If there are too many applications for a specific grade level, then enrollment is determined by an Admission Lottery. 

If you have further questions, please see the Admissions Frequently Asked Questions.



Admission Lottery: 
Lottery attendance is optional and results will be posted to this website within 24 hours of the lottery.

FALL 2021 Lottery for Enrollment: March 17, 2021

Lottery numbers and detailed lottery information including instructions will be distributed to applicants at least one week prior to the Admission Lottery.

For your reference, our lottery preference categories are listed in the Admissions Frequently Asked Questions.



Charter School Complaint Notice California Education Code Requirements

California Education Code (EC) Section 47605(d)(4) ( codes_displaySection.xhtml?sectionNum=47605&lawCode=EDC) states the following:

  • A charter school shall not discourage a pupil from enrolling or seeking to enroll in a charter school for any reason, including, but not limited to, academic performance of the pupil or because the pupil exhibits any of the following characteristics:

    • Academically low-achieving

    • Economically disadvantaged (determined by eligibility for any free or reduced-price meal program)

    • English learner

    • Ethnicity

    • Foster youth

    • Homeless

    • Nationality

    • Neglected or delinquent

    • Race

    • Sexual orientation

    • Pupils with disabilities

  • A charter school shall not request a pupil's records or require the parent, guardian, or pupil to submit the pupil's records to the charter school before enrollment.

  • A charter school shall not encourage a pupil currently attending the charter school to disenroll from the charter school or transfer to another school for any reason (except for suspension or expulsion).

  • This notice shall be posted on a charter school's Internet website and a charter school will provide copies of this notice (1) when a parent, guardian, or pupil inquires about enrollment; (2) before conducting an enrollment lottery, and (3) before disenrollment of a pupil.


Complaint Procedures

In order to submit a complaint, complete the Charter School Complaint Form and submit the form to the charter school authorizer, electronically or in hard copy, to the following location:


 Santa Clara County Office of Education

1290 Ridder Park Dr.

San Jose, CA 95131

(408) 453-6500