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Procedures & Bell Schedule

First Day of School (2022-2023)
TK-8 - 
All students are expected to arrive on time every school day. 
Teachers begin teaching promptly at 8:30 am.
When students are tardy, learning stops for everyone.
Drop off and Pick up Procedures
Parents are given the Traffic Flow: Drop off and Pick up Procedure at the beginning of the school year. Parent greeters help children in and out of cars safely and expedite traffic flow in the mornings and afternoons. Drivers are expected to follow greeter instructions for safety purposes.
Student Sign-in and Sign-out Procedures
In the event a student must leave during class hours, a parent/guardian or authorized adult (as listed on the emergency contact card) must sign him/her out in or order for Discovery to comply with state guidelines for student safety. The Sign-in/Sign-out Log is located in the school office. Come directly to the office to pick-up students. Make every attempt to schedule appointments for your child outside of regular school hours. If your child must leave school for an appointment, but will be returning, you must sign your child back in at the office upon his/her return.
Students who arrive after the school bell rings are required to report to the office, sign-in, and obtain a late slip before proceeding to class.
Bell Schedule
 Please see attached Bell Schedule for the 2021-2022 school year.