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With twenty-three years teaching experience, Judy comes to Discovery from a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. She holds a Masters Degree in Special Education and is also certified to teach English Language Learners, Science, Math, Social Studies, Reading, and General and Adapted Curriculum. She received degrees from Southern Illinois University and Illinois State University and has class work in administrative leadership from West Georgia University.

Having a passion to encourage and share creativity in the classroom, Judy has had the opportunity to become a 'teacher of teachers' by speaking at local, county and state workshops and conferences. With a wide range of teaching experiences, Judy has taught K–8, English Language Learners, and a variety of Special Education classes. She has served in several leadership capacities within the local school system. As a Thinking Map trainer, Judy has had the opportunity to teach most of the DCS staff the concept of the use of Thinking Maps in the classroom through professional development classes. She has also developed parent classes on Thinking Maps.

Judy is married and she and her husband Jim have five children. The oldest, Jimmy, is serving as a US Marine air traffic controller in Yuma, Arizona. Josh,Jake and twins Jenny and John all attend college. Judy divides her time away from school between writing and church work where her husband is on staff. She also enjoys traveling, quilting, painting and reading.