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Diane has lived in the bay area for many years, and previously lived in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and a couple of years in Sweden.

Diane earned her degree in Mathematics, and originally planned to be a math teacher, but landed a job at Rockwell working on the Space Shuttle. She enjoyed a career in software engineering for many years, but after ten years of volunteering in her children's classrooms, Diane decided to return to the career goal of teaching. After completing the credential course work, she did her student teaching in a 4th grade class in Cupertino, and completed her first year of teaching at that same school, in a 1st grade ELD (English Language Development) class, with 11 different languages in her classroom!

For many years, Diane also taught Science in a GATE program to 2nd -5th graders in Saratoga, and has brought her passion for science (and her summer curriculum) to DCS in the form of a science enrichment.

Teaching at DCS in the 2/3 grade level since 2007, Diane finds the philosophy of the school well matched to her own. She likes to use discovery-based learning with hands-on activities that will engage students and encourage them to approach problems with confidence, competence, and curiosity.
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Diane Porter
2nd/3rd Grade Teacher
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