The State of Emergency has come to an end but what does that mean for Discovery?

 As you may have heard or read, the State of Emergency has come to an end and you may be thinking what does that mean for Discovery?  

Discovery will continue to follow our COVID Safety Plan which can be located on our website. 

Discovery will continue to recommend testing after long breaks or when not feeling well.  To help control the spread, Discovery will be sending home 2 kits per student and hosting grab and go stations on Wednesdays for those families that would like to stock up on test kits. 

In Santa Clara County, the current community level is Low.  What can you do?


The biggest impact on Discovery is the return to in person meetings for Board and Board Committee meetings.  Our next regular board meeting will be live and in person at our Phoenix Campus on March 22nd.  We understand the inconvenience this shift creates for our community so a Zoom link will also be available.