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Lunch Program

California Universal Meals Program

Beginning in School Year (SY) 2022–23, California became the first state to implement a statewide Universal Meals Program for school children. California’s Universal Meals Program (Universal Meals) is designed to build on the foundations of the federal National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP). There are three key pillars that have been established to ensure that the program is a success:

  • Pillar One: California’s State Meal Mandate is expanded to include both a nutritiously adequate breakfast and lunch for, not just needy children, but all children each school day.
  • Pillar Two: High poverty schools will be required to participate in a federal provision.
  • Pillar Three: The California State Legislature allocates funds to provide additional state meal reimbursement to cover the cost of the Universal Meals Program.
Free and reduced-price meals (breakfast/snack & lunch) application is available in the attached file adn in the school office. Complete one application per household and return it to the school office.
Lunch Ordering

Our student Nutrition Service Program orders lunches and breakfast (snacks) for all our students. This will ensure that all students who want to eat the meals provided at school will be able to do so. Each month we will distribute a menu from LunchMaster. Your family can review the menu and decide if your student will eat the meal provided or bring their own meal. You do not have to order your lunch choices ahead of time.  There are several meal options available to accommodate all students including those with food allergies.

We are happy to ensure every student who needs or would like a school provided meal will receive one, while executing the Universal Meals Program as mandated by the state of California.

You can view the March menu HERE


Fresh Nutritious lunches are provided each day by The LunchMaster.