Board Applications now Open! Join our Board of Directors!

Hello Discovery Community,

Discovery Charter Schools will soon hold an election for open seats on our board of directors. We are asking the community for candidates and referrals.

We are seeking people with integrity, leadership ability, and cooperative spirit. Candidates do not have to be parents of DCS students.


We prepared a packet for candidates, attached below, describing the role and expectations. Access it here or forward the file to that great candidate you know.


Candidates can complete their applications online. Applications are due 5pm on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.


Even if you aren’t sure you want to run this year, we ask you to consider for future years. Strong candidates keep this board operating at its best.

Questions? Watch soon for our Board Information Session ... or ask Warren ([email protected]) or Ilan ([email protected]), board members and election committee members.


— Election Committee