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What is the PSC (Program Site Council)?

The Program Site Council (PSC) at Falcon is a volunteer organization responsible for organizing community-building events like the annual Fall Festival, fundraising for critical programs such as field trips, supporting classroom education through enrichments and selectives, facilitating campus safety and parent training, and so much more!
Falcon PSC
The PSC is made up of countless parent volunteers that invest their valuable resources, time, and talent to make Discovery Charter School a place that fosters student growth.
Whether it is through helping a teacher in the classroom, teaching an enrichment course, uplifting a student at the playground, or ensuring campus safety during drop-off and pick-up, Discovery Charter School relies on parent volunteers to help the school run the way it does.

How does PSC differ from a Partnership Role?

A “partnership role” is a volunteer area a parent is requested to take on in addition to volunteering in the classroom. Some partnership roles occur as a one-time event (e.g. Winter Festival or Spring Auction coordinator), whereas other partnership roles are year-round (classroom coordinator or teaching an enrichment). The PSC provides an infrastructure to organize and support many of these partnership roles. 
Volunteering @ Discovery
Serving as a PSC officer is simply another partnership role. Officers are responsible for overseeing specific functions and often working with other parents in their respective partnership roles. Due to this additional responsibility, PSC officers are elected on an annual basis and typically serve a term of 2 years.

Join us!

At Discovery, there are a variety of ways for parents to get involved. If you are interested in working with PSC or bringing a new idea to the school, we’d love to hear from you! PSC hosts an open forum, typically held monthly, to discuss and plan upcoming programs. This is open to the community and a great way to learn more and share ideas. Check out the Discovery Newsletter to find out when the next PSC meeting will be held. We welcome your questions, comments, feedback, and ideas! Please click below to contact PSC!

PSC Resources

Click below to access useful PSC resources: