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Executive Director's Message

Lety Vila
Welcome to Discovery Charter Schools!
Discovery Charter Schools are a strong community of parents, educators, and volunteers that put students first! We build upon traditions and progressive educational philosophies which makes us stand out from other public schools. We focus on the whole child to enhance social, emotional, and academic learning and growth for students.
The Discovery Mission is always at the forefront in all that we do; creating lifelong learners that are prepared to meet the challenges of the future by educating the whole child through family involvement, project-based learning, and respect for individual learning styles and developmental readiness. From the moment our students walk onto campus we embrace them as individuals knowing that our job is to help students reach unlimited possibilities. Our work is about encouraging and equipping tomorrow’s leaders and change makers.
When choosing Discovery Charter Schools you chose to be a partner in your child's educational journey. I encourage and welcome any questions, comments or concerns you may have.
With DSC Pride,
Lety Villa
Executive Director