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The Discovery Homeschool Program is a blended program. In keeping with our Discovery philosophy, we encourage students to work on projects that integrate as many core subjects as possible. We incorporate field trips as relevant integral study opportunities. Our hope is that together with your child we can build a program that works for your family using our philosophy and core values as a guide.


Our students meet on Tuesday and Thursday. Activities are planned in conjunction with the children once we have the classes confirmed. (Thursdays are usually reserved for student-planned field trips that are an integral part of student work projects.) We use TERC for our math program and for literature we have fiction and non-fiction reading materials. Discovery offers parent training in using Thinking Maps and Positive Discipline. Children are invited to any special events at school and we encourage all families to participate in all our family/community events. 


As with other homeschool programs, parents are required to meet with a teacher once a month to review materials completed and plan for the following month. Since we are a parent participation school our expectation is that parents will work one or two days every 6 weeks and that they will drive on at least 7 field trips.


Materials from our curriculum areas are available for parents to use that is in keeping with the Common Core and our philosophy. We continue to build a library of materials in all areas that are available to parents. We have not allocated funding for outside classes but are willing to consider purchasing other materials for our collection that we agree would be helpful. Materials are available to parents for their use over the course of the year and returned for others to use.


Open enrollment period was from December 1, 2022 – February 28, 2023.
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Discovery Homeschool Lottery Policy
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For more information, please contact the school office at 408-300-1358 or by email.