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2023-2024 Falcon Campus Application for Enrollment

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Open Enrollment Period: December 1, 2022 – February 28, 2023

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at Discovery Charter School - Falcon Campus. The following application must be completed before your child is eligible for enrollment at Discovery’s Falcon Campus for the 2023-2024 school year. Incomplete or late applications will not be eligible for consideration for this open enrollment period. All complete applications submitted within the open enrollment period are treated equally.

Please note: Submitting a completed application does not automatically guarantee enrollment. If your child is accepted to Falcon Campus, additional enrollment forms will be sent to you and must be completed prior to admission.

It is important that all required forms are completed and submitted within the dates of the open enrollment period in order to be eligible for the lottery. Incomplete applications submitted during the open enrollment will be discarded. Applications received after February 28, 2023, will be placed on a waitlist in the order in which they are received.

Required for each student:

1. Application for Enrollment

2. New Students/Families Only:

Attendance at a school information meeting and an open house offered during the 2023-2024 open enrollment period must be verified in order for the application to be eligible for participation in the lottery. (Returning families do NOT need to attend these meetings.) Applications may be submitted prior to attending the meeting. Be sure to sign in at the meetings!

3. San Jose Unified School District residents only: Three (3) proofs of residency.

Residency document #1: Property Tax bill, monthly mortgage payment, Lease, or rental agreement (If the rental agreement goes back one year or more, we will need a current monthly rental payment receipt.)

Residency documents #2 & #3: Two of the following Utility Bills (PG&E, Water, phone/cell phone bill, and/or cable/satellite provider). Bills must be dated within the last 60 days.

Additional information for Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten (TK) applicants:

*To be eligible for Kindergarten, children must be five years of age on or before September 1, 2023.*

** To be eligible for Transitional Kindergarten, children must turn five years of age between September 2, 2023, and April 2, 2024.** (inclusive)


San Jose Unified School District Proof of Residency paperwork must be submitted on or before February 28, 2023.
Please include your child(ren)’s name(s) on the documents:

Discovery Charter School - Falcon Campus
Attn: Admissions
762 Sunset Glen Dr., San Jose, CA 95123

Or scan/email documents to [email protected]

If you have questions about the application process, please contact us at 408-243-9800.

Any information submitted to Discovery Charter School may be shared with the Santa Clara County Office of Education, the chartering agency, or the school and/or school district in which your child is presently enrolled.

Application Information

Grade level applying for: *
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NO CHANGES will be permitted once an application has been submitted.
You must apply for the next progressive grade level. (No retentions or accelerations-see Admissions FAQs for more details.)

Student Information: (Please complete a separate application for each student.)

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Responsible Party Information

These are the parties who can act on the student's behalf.

Parent/Legal Guardian 

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Parent/Legal Guardian

Contact Information
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Applicant has a sibling currently enrolled at Falcon Campus?*
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Applicant's parent/guardian is a current, full-time employee at Discovery Charter School*
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Will you be applying for more than one student?*
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You MUST submit a separate application for each student.

Do you live within the borders of the San Jose Unified School District?*
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If yes, please provide three (3) forms of evidence of residency as described above on the cover sheet. Each must show the family's name and address, and bills must be dated within the past 60 days.

Does your child qualify for Free/Reduced meals as determined by federal guidelines?
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Prior to admittance, Discovery will conduct an audit of the records of students who utilize this preference. Any student who utilizes this preference, but is not eligible to receive free or reduced-price meals will forfeit admission and be placed at the end of the waitlist.

Before this application can be considered for enrollment, a School Information Meeting and a Falcon Campus Open House must be attended by at least one parent/guardian. Please note: if you are submitting this application during the Open Enrollment Period, you may submit the application prior to attendance at the required meetings, but you must attend both the Open House and Information Meeting offered during the 2023-2024 open enrollment period in order for the application to be considered complete. (Returning Falcon families need not attend Information Meeting and Open House.)

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