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Are you a Discovery Alumni?
We always want to hear from you. We want to know what you have been up to.
Please send us information so we may include it in our next newsletter. If you wish to reflect on your time at Discovery please feel free to submit a testimonial. AND we also wish to invite you to our 10 year anniversary events. Please register here.
Reunion & Events
2016 marked the 10th Anniversary of the Discovery Organization and the Phoenix Campus.
Our birthdate is February 19, 2005.
Reunion & Events
We welcome our alumni to visit. Should you wish to hold a reunion on campus please contact the main office
on the Phoenix campus. We would love to see you!
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Wondering about where our amazing students go after Discovery and how well they do?
Discovery instills genuine critical thinking skills that help our students move toward greater independence and to novel and creative solutions to problems. Our instructional methods foster curiosity, problem solving, and build critical thinking skills, that prepare students for lifelong learning – preparing them for high school, college and beyond.
Our students graduate from Discovery and are prepared to attended private schools in the area or their local public high schools. Our alumni do well in Honors and AP course work should they choose to take those classes.

Discovery students also have a reputation for leadership and the ability to advocate for themselves and others.
We also have alumni now in college. While it would be a stretch to take direct credit for their success, what we would like to take credit for is establishing early in their lives the love of learning and their continuing engagement in educational development.
Discovery graduates attend a variety of private and public high schools throughout the Bay Area such as:
Archbishop Mitty High School
Palo Alto High School
Bellermine Preparatory School
Mid Peninsula High School
Saratoga High School
Los Gatos High School
Norte Dame High School
Santa Clara High School
St. Francis High School
Lincoln High School
Kings Academy
Prospect High School
St. Lawrence High School
Westmont High School
Morgan Hill High School
Kehillah Jewish High School
Los Altos High School
Summit High School
Milpitas High School
Presentation High School
Morgan Hill High School
Valley Christian High School
Our graduates continue to expand their passions and opportunities in high school:
80% Honor Roll
10% Leadership
40% Gifted
78 % attend their local high school
20% attend private or faith based
2% attend an alternative high School
30 % High School Sport Participation
10 % Music & Arts
As our alumni continue their educational journey they can be found at a wide variety of institutions (and many more):
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
Cal Poly San Luis
Willamette University
West Valley CC
UC Santa Cruz
Stanford University
St. John University
Ithaca College
San Jose State
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Northwestern University
St. Mary’s University
Santa Clara University
Brown University
DeAnza CC
Rhode Island School of Design
San Diego State